Hero of the Empire



“Gripping…tremendously readable and enjoyable…
Her prose gallops along; her short, action-packed chapters often screech to a halt on a cliffhanger.”

—Alex von Tunzelmann—

The New York Times Book Review


"A gripping story...It's a thrilling journey
and Millard tells it with gusto."

—The Guardian—


"As involving as a popcorn thriller...Excellent."

—Jennifer Senior—

The New York Times


"Well-researched and highly-readable.”

—Con Coughlin—

Finest Hour


"In "Hero of the Empire" . . . Candice Millard,
a smooth-writing popular historian, sets her sights
on an earlier episode of Churchillian regeneration.
It does not disappoint."

—Roger Lowenstein—

The Wall Street Journal


“Few can match the originality and narrative power of Candice Millard’s surprisingly revealing account”

—Saul David—

The Telegraph


"Combining vivid narrative and original
scholarship, Candice Millard reveals how Winston Churchill laid the foundations of his political career during the Boer War. Supremely courageous, flagrantly ambitious and incredibly lucky, young Winston emerges as the authentic hero of this thrilling tale of imperial derring-do."

—Piers Brendon—

Former Keeper of the Archives Centre,
Churchill College, Cambridge


"With consummate narrative skill and admirable first-hand research, Candice Millard has added to the canon of great works on Winston Churchill a book essential to a better understanding of his life and personality. Hero of The Empire is both eminently readable and exceptionally informative about the evolution of one of Britain's greatest statesmen."

—Phil Reed—

Former Director of the Churchill War Rooms


"Completely engrossing."

—Andrew Roberts—

New York Times bestselling author of Masters
and Commanders and Napoleon: A Life


"Millard has taken a well-known piece of Churchilliana and skilfully turned it into a large historical narrative. Using many unpublished sources, she weaves into a nail-biting escape story a larger picture of Africa at the cusp of the 20th century. Her eye for humanising detail, her vivid topographical descriptions and her keen awareness of the realities (and surrealities) of war come together in a truly fascinating book."

—Financial Times—


“A rich narrative…Millard zeroes in on the epic beginnings of an epic public life [and] masters all the details.  Millard’s tome is a slam-bang study of Churchill’s wit and wile as he navigates the Boer War like [a] proto-James Bond.”

—USA Today—


“Riveting...meticulous…Millard’s brilliant modus operandi is to identify a singular, little-explored event in a well-documented life. She then uses that very pointed story as a wedge that she drives into the person’s character, cracking it wide open in a manner usually reserved for fiction. And so it is with her account of young Churchill. Millard has no shortage
of strengths as a writer, but particularly spectacular
is her ability to make history and historical figures
not only relatable, but absolutely relevant to contemporary readers.”

—Kansas City Star—


"Thanks to her formidable storytelling skills, she has succeeded in infusing this familiar narrative with color, excitement and life."

—Washington Post—


“Millard ably weaves a seamless and gripping narrative of the future statesman's early career
and involvement in the Boer War ... [V]ivid, entertaining ... A fresh, captivating history
of the enduringly colorful Churchill.”

(starred review)


“Biographer Millard “gets at” her subject
by a somewhat out-of-left-field path that leaves
the reader satisfied and feeling that her approach
is right and perfect ... Millard’s rendering of the exciting details of Churchill’s heroic exploits
result in a magnificently told story.”

(starred review)



Destiny of the Republic


“Fascinating ... Gripping ... Stunning.”

—The New York Times—


“A fresh narrative that plumbs some of the most dramatic days in U.S. presidential history.”

—The Washington Post—


“Popular history rich with detail and emotion.”



“Compelling characters and nail-biting storytelling.”

—Kansas City Star—


“Make[s] for compulsive reading.
Superb American history.”

—Kirkus Reviews—
(starred review)


“Splendidly insightful ... Stands securely at the crossroads of popular and professional history.”

(starred review)


“Sparklingly alive ... [Millard] brings to life a
moment in the nation’s history when access to the president was easy, politics bitter, and medical knowledge slight. Under Millard’s pen, it’s hard to imagine its being better told.”

—Publisher’s Weekly—


“An achingly good, suspenseful read ...
Compelling characters and nail-biting storytelling,
and [readers] will no doubt walk away even more emotionally affected by Garfield’s tragedy.”

—Kansas City Star—


“Historical reporting at its very best.”

—Tuscon Citizen—


“A staggering tale ... Millard digs deeply into the turmoil that got James A. Garfield, elected, the lunacy that got him shot and the medical malfeasance that turned a minor wound into a mortal one.”

—Janet Maslin—
Top 10 Recommendations for 2011


“Candice Millard leaves us feeling that Garfield’s assassination deprived the nation not only of a remarkably humble and intellectually gifted man but one who perhaps bore the seeds of greatness.”

—The Wall Street Journal—


“Brings the era and people involved to vivid life ... Takes the reader on a compelling fly-on-the-wall journey ... Millard takes all of these elements in a forgotten period of history and turns them into
living and breathing things.”

—Associated Press—


“Think you’re not interested in James Garfield,
our twentieth president? Millard’s action-packed account of his life and truly strange death
should change your mind.”



“Filled with memorable characters, hairpin twists of fate and consequences that bring a young nation to the breaking point, Destiny of the Republic brings back to roaring life a tragic but irresistible historical period.”

—The Christian Science Monitor—


“A willing amalgamation of history and
adventure. [Millard’s books] exhibit a keen
eye for human frailties.”

—The Washington Post—


“Fascinating ... Millard colorfully re-creates
the political milieu of 1880.”

—The Seattle Times—


“Millard provides a splendidly written and
suspenseful account of this fascinating episode
in American history.”

—Portland Oregonian—





The River of Doubt



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